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RUGASA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of woodwork on site: doors, wardrobes, block.

The company was founded by Mr Rufino García Sánchez in 1933 and, as time has passed, it has positioned itself in the market as one of the leaders in its sector, expanding and adapting its premises to the demands of a market that is becoming more international and competitive every day.

Rugasa's success is based on the excellent quality of its products; this quality can only be made possible by meticulously selecting the raw materials and using the knowledge of three generations of carpenters together with state-of-theart technology.

RUGASA, S.L. takes a step forward in the field of outdoor and indoor door design and presents the new models that are based on three fundamental concepts: Creativity, ergonomics and versatility. The experience of our team of professionals has always been in the service of quality and design, helping you to make your home a perfect place.

What makes a company successful is its team of staff and their passion for a job well done. At RUGASA, S.L. we are proud to say that we are the leading company in our field thanks to our hard work.

RUGASA, S.L. offers a wide range of models and designs to decorate your home with the highest quality and style.

The aim of this catalogue is to bring you the best from RUGASA, giving you the chance to enjoy all the advantages that our product lines offer.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the certificate given by AITIM (Association of technical research of the woodworking industries) that requires continuous checking to assure the compliance to the UNE production standards.

Rugasa, S.L. is well aware of the added requirements of this field, requirements that can be summarised with only one word, “service". For this reason our staff is highly qualified and able to provide solutions to the number of problems that everyday arise at the building site.

The degree of satisfaction within our clients shows that we are on the right track, and consequently we will continue getting better every day in all aspects of our organisation. Our main objective is, above all, to raise that degree of satisfaction.




Frame mechanizing

Door mechanizing

Frame assembly

Wood pannel generation

Block assembly

Block packaging

Automatic varnished' doors

Raw material ware house

Offices and Workshop
Avda. de San Miguel, 15
47420 Íscar (Valladolid) Spain
Telf.: +34 983 61 13 47
Fax: +34 983 62 01 63

Contact: comercial@rugasa.com